The Elf on the Shelf, what a blast the first year was!  3 years ago we invited this new age holiday creature into our lives.  The first year, we had so many epic staged scenes.  Spa days with barbies, marshmallow ‘bubble baths’ in the sink, sneaking cookies from the cookie jar, sipping maple syrup in the fridge…Oh what fun it was to have her around.

Second year, we had a puppy.  The staging possibilities were now limited, because heaven forbid the dog got a hold of the elf and she lost her magic!  So we had to keep the elf up high, in out-of-reach spots.  My oldest made a comment at one point that Ivy (our Elf) appeared to be running out of ideas!  Yes, “the elf” was running out of ideas, she was stressed every night about what to do next to keep up with the standard of entertainment the first year set.  We were bored of it, and dreading getting caught moving her at night by the ever-so-clever eldest.

It got to the point where our youngest was excited to see where the elf was each morning, but was terrified to come out of her room to find her, in case the elf was creeping somewhere, watching her.  She would be afraid at night too.  This elf started out in fun and good intentions, was now a source of fear in our home.  Isla (just turned 7) was worried the elf would watch her at night, or she would wake up and the elf would be in her room.  She would have friends over for the night and they would freak each other out about the elf.  “I think her eyes just moved!  Did you see her blink?  I think I heard something!  What if she comes in here at night!?!”

I decided to call it quits.  Not totally, we would still hide her around and play with her and try to get creative with her BUT, fear isn’t cool.  And my integrity was getting diminished with each lie I told about it.   For a little girl to be afraid of a stuffed elf that in essence is to be watching and reporting on behavior.  This just doesn’t resonate with me.  Where is the magic vibe of Christmas in all this?

Evi, our oldest, has known the truth for quite a while now, and she’s been having fun helping out.  But we decided to tell Isla that our elf wasn’t real.  It’s us having fun.  It’s now that we realize there’s no fun if anyone is scared.  Fear is a very low vibration.  We tend to prefer our frequencies to be high in our home.  If you know me and what I do for a living, I operate on a high level of unconditional love, which is the opposite of fear.  I teach people how to live their best life, overcoming fear!  It just doesn’t make any sense to us anymore.  It’s just not for us.  I definitely don’t judge anyone for keeping up with this modern tradition.  To each their own.  But I do feel strongly that instilling fear to address behavior is not the answer.  I also feel strongly that if a child is starting to sense the truth about Santa and other funny stuff we have traditionally gone along with, then it’s time to fess up.  There are many great ways to do it so we don’t traumatize them.  And there are many great ways to celebrate the holidays without making it all about the big guy and his ‘employees’.

So when we pack up Christmas this year and put it all away, the elf on the shelf will get tucked away and will maybe come back next year, or maybe we will donate it and move on.  It will be up to the kids.

Have an exceptionally loving holiday!  Thanks for reading!