There are so many ways to define this, and I’m not fan of labels.  I’ll do my best to describe it.  A new spiritual breed of children are upon us, and exciting for us, they are being born to us!  Yay!  They have a high vibrational energy, they exude love, and they have big beautiful magnetic eyes that see right into your soul.  You feel emotions move within you when you look at them.  They are like little human lie detectors and they will see right through you if you are not in integrity.  They won’t let you into their space if your heart isn’t open.  They will inspire your heart to open.

They are forgiving and they love unconditionally.  Their high vibrational frequency requires a certain type of lifestyle and nourishment, they are naturally connected to nature and animals.

They naturally are uninterested in eating meat, harsh situations, loud abrasive noises, and crowds.  They feel/see/hear/know more than the average person can even understand.  These kids are highly intuitive (AKA psychic).  They have energy that needs freedom and wide open spaces to explore, learn, and exercise.

They will develop chronic health problems if fed unnatural foods as they are sensitive to artificial colors, chemicals, etc.  They are commonly labeled with disorders because they don’t fit in to society’s ‘norm’.  They might not thrive in a typical school system.

These are the powerful awesome kids that are here to bring the planet back to love, to raise the frequency here.  We are the people here to make it safe for them to do their work.  We are their parents, we are accountable for allowing them to be free to be themselves while they fill our hearts and fulfill their purposes.  The fact that they chose us, should make us grateful.  They need us to parent them consciously.

I encourage you to search out info on Indigo children, Crystal Children and Rainbow Children – Doreen Virtue has some interesting information out there about them to help you better understand.  So fascinating!  So much more to come!