What works for one kid, will not necessarily work for another.  I have two kids, they are very different.  I am grateful they have chosen me to be their mother this time around.  I am grateful for their unconditional love and also for the challenges they bring into my life.  I am grateful for the healing they also inspire for me in my own life.

My first born, Evi, she’s so much like me, I can relate, she’s wise, empowered, intelligent, and entrepreneurial, things come easy, she’s a self-proclaimed “Master Manifester”.  She gets what she wants and can make things happen.  She is likely going to lead her generation to a great place in this world.  She’s 11 and I see all this.

My second born, Isla, almost 7, she’s my firecracker.  She’s got an awesome wild fire inside her and we are all learning how to nourish that fire.  We know big things are in the works for a girl with a personality like hers.  She’s determined, she doesn’t take no for an answer, she’s a messy room/face/hair – don’t care kind of girl.  Free spirit is putting it mildly.  She’s also very delicate and sensitive.  Which is where I feel like I struggle to understand how to best maneuver this as a parent.  I can’t recall ever feeling delicate in my life, this is a new feature for me.  I want to empower the crap out of her but doing it gently and strategically never occurred to me.  This is a new challenge, and a challenge I accept!

I am so freakishly proud of my two little freaks.  I call them freaks with love.  I encourage them to be different.  Normal is boring and is for followers.  The world needs more quality leaders.  My work is in personal empowerment.  I am empowered and since they are branches off my mama tree, I believe them to be too!


Posts in this blog will be directly related to my experiences with my own children but also just insights often inspired by issues in the world, things I have seen, conversations I have had, or overheard, whatever comes up, whatever flows out.