Welcome!  I’m Stephanie Forgues, Spiritual Intuitive, and Mama of 2 magical kids, Evianne (Evi) 11 years old, and Isla (6).

This blog is a new venture for me!  It is simply me answering a calling to be an advocate of change in the world.  It all starts with how we parent the new kids and honor the little beings that we are guiding…and healing ourselves in the process!

In my line of work, many years practicing Intuitive Reiki and personally empowering people to unveil their true authentic selves to live their best lives, ( My biz – New Leaf Wellness)  I have seen many grownups who feel lost, confused, a lack of purpose, lack of self-worth, self-love, and/or they are physically ill.  From what I have intuited and discussed with these clients, is that most of the ‘issues in their tissues’ and blocks to their peace and happiness come from events from their childhood, their upbringing, the old school parenting techniques, the thought viruses that have been planted, the don’t speak unless spoken to, the spanking, the fears.

It’s been a mission of mine to learn to be a more conscious parent, for the sake of world peace.  No pressure on myself there.  I am definitely not a perfect parent.  I don’t claim to be a parenting expert, I make mistakes too, but I do have an inner guidance system, I am super tight with my intuition, and I have never been more passionate about anything else in my life than I am about getting things right for my kids and raising empowered, responsible, kind, compassionate, courageous adults to set off into the world.

I’m here to share my passion with you, give you some relate-able parenting info, provide a spiritual perspective to the many challenges we face as parents, and more.  Stay with me, I’m super excited you’re here!  We’re in this together!