For as long as I have had an interest in oracle cards, I would always get the message that my life purpose involved working with and helping the Indigo and Crystal Children.  I never knew how I would do that, other than parenting my own.  It’s been slowly revealing the signs over time.  First come my own kids, then I found myself teaching a kids Reiki class, next I created a Kids Inner Wellness class, then I started writing a kids book to empower them on how to keep their magic.  I even went out of my comfort zone and bravely lead an empowering magical kids summer program in the forest…where the snakes are!!

The conversations I had with those magical kids were so inspiring, but, it occurred to me that my kids discuss this type of living all the time, they are lead by me on a daily basis, not all adults are in the loop when it comes to how to work with the new spiritual breed of children (I will discuss this more in depth later).  These magical kids hung onto every word I said, with interest and inner knowing.   We talked about crystals, the power of our thoughts, connecting to nature, intuition, spirit and more.  I realized that there’s a possibility their parents simply don’t have that same understanding.  I realized that, it was time to actually inspire and work with the parents before going any further with the children’s work because it’s the parents that need the messages, the kids already know!  The parents can be a huge help to keep these kids on their magical paths, keep them in line with their true authentic purpose.

I had to get to the point where I just didn’t give a hoot what others think.  I am completely aware that this revelation and revolution is going to have some backlash from the set in their ways types.  Every parent gets their back up a bit when they’re parenting style gets challenged.  That’s cool.  I mean no disrespect to others and understand there is a world of other options out there, and of course, parenting each child is not a one size fits all type of process.  Take this or leave it.  It’s my spiritual perspective.  I can only trust that what’s meant to be absorbed by my readers, will, and the rest, just move on, no biggie.   I love and honor myself, and let spirit work through me on this one.  Trust me, this is not info coming from me, Stephanie Forgues, no no, that’s much to heavy a responsibility for a lone human, I have the drive and the passion of course but I get out of the way and I let my intuition guide me, my divine guidance, my spiritual frequency, so many names for it.  This wisdom doesn’t come from me alone, my friends.  I am a Spiritual Intuitive.  Meaning, I am comfortable (finally!) with listening and acting on my intuitive guidance.  So there you have it.  Don’t shoot the messenger!